Springtime Long Course Meet 2022 Results





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January Results

TOP BOY – Mitchell Lowe from COSACSS
TOP GIRL – Shared – Abigail Jackson from Rotherham Metro and Alexandra Owen-Hatfield from Northern Celts
TOP CLUB – Northern Celts


Our thanks go to all volunteers and officials.
See you in April.

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September Results

Ungraded results are available here.

Graded results are available here: RM Sep 2019 Graded Results PDF

July Graded Gala Ungraded Live Results

Congratulations to Top Visiting Club: Warrington

Warrington Swimmer Thomas Hilton also took the Top Boy award.

Rotherham Metro swimmer Ruby Gambles took Top Girl.

Ungraded results are available here

Graded results are as follows (posted at end of each session):

RM 2019 July Session 1 Graded Results v2

RM 2019 July Session 2 Graded Results v1

RM 2019 July Session 3 Graded Results v1

RM 2019 July Session 4 Graded Results v1

May Springtime Long Course Meet Results

Top Club – City of Leicester

Top Boy – Lewis Boyd – City of Leicester

Top Girl – Breanna Chamberlain – Bassetlaw

Full results are available here


January Results

Ungraded results will appear here at the end of each event

For graded results follow the link:

Metro Jan 2019 Sessions 1 & 2 Graded Results

Metro Jan 2019 Sessions 3 & 4 Graded Results

September Results

September Ungraded live results are available here

Graded Results as follows:

Standings at end of Gala:

Top Girl

  • Jessica Ball – Prescot

Top Boy

  • Lewis Warner – Calverton & Bingham

Top Visiting Club

  • Borough of Kirklees



Ev1 Girls 200Free

Ev2 Boys 100IM

Ev3 Girls 50Fly

Ev4 Boys 50Breast

Ev5 Girls 100Back

Ev6 Boys 100Fly

Ev7 Girls 50Free

Ev8 Boys 50Back

Ev9 Girls 100Breast

Ev10 Boys 100Free

Ev11 Girls 100IM

Ev12 Boys 200Free

Ev13 Girls 50Breast

Ev14 Boys 50Fly

Ev15 Girls 100Fly

Ev16 Boys 100Back

Ev17 Girls 50Back

Ev18 Boys 50Free

Ev19 Girls 100Free

Ev20 Boys 100Breast


July 2018 Gala Graded Results

Please follow the links to see the graded results:

RM July Gala 2018 Graded Results Sessions 1 and 2

Event 12 Boys 400IM (missing from above)

RM July Gala 2018 Graded Results Sessions 3 and 4

July Gala Ungraded Results

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Springtime Level 3 2018 Results

click here for results.