Club Records

If you think you have broken a club record please contact the club at the following email address:

You should provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Event
  • Time achieved
  • Open or Age Group Status
  • Short/Long Course
  • Date of Swim.
  • Details of Venue/Competition.

The online club records file will be updated once the swim has been ratified by a member of the committee.

Conditions: It is the swimmer’s responsibility to notify the club of a record within three months of the swim. Any swimmer can claim for a club record provided they were representing the club at the time of the swim. The swim must be registered on the ASA database for ratification (Level 1-4).  Open water swims can also be included.

Club records are taken as at the age on the date of the swim.

The current club records can be viewed below: